TS2000 2 Motors 2-Stage Filtration Hepa 13 Dust Extractor

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TS2000 is a two engine HEPA concrete dust extractor.The 2 commercial grade Ameterk motors provide 258cfm and 100 inch water lift.Operators can controll the motors independently when different power is wanted. Features with the classic jet pulse filter cleaning system,when the operator feels the suction is poor, just purges the pre filter 3-5 seconds within blocking the vacuum inlet.No need to open the machine and take out the filters, avoid the second dust hazard. This dust vacuum clear equipped with a 2-stage filtration system.The conical main filter as the first and two H13 filter as the final.Each HEPA filter is individually tested and certified to have a minimum efficiency of 99.99% @ 0.3 microns. which meets the new silica requirements.This professional dust extractor is excellent for building, grinding, plaster and concrete dust. TS2000 provides it’s customer with height adjustment function as an option, it can be lowerd to less than 1.2m, user frinderly when tranported in a van.

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TS2000 2 Motors 2-Stage Filtration Hepa 13 Dust Extractor

 Main features:


✔ OSHA compliant H13 HEPA filter tested and certified with EN1822-1 and IEST RP CC001.6. 

✔ Unique jet pulse filter cleaning system, efficiently purges the pre-filter without opening the vacuum to maintain a smooth airflow, and to avoid creating a second dust hazard.

✔ Both continuous bagging system for effective dust storage and a regular plastic bag system are compatible.

✔ An hour counter and vacuum meter for filter control are standard.


TS2000 models and specifications:


Model TS2000 TS2100
Voltage 240V 50/60HZ 120V 50/60HZ
Power kw 2.4 2.4
HP 3.4 3.4
Current Amp 9.6 18
Water lift mBar 240 240
inch" 100 100
Airflow(max) cfm 258 258
m³/h 400 400
Pre-filter 3.0㎡>99.5%@1.0um
Hepa filter(H13) 2.4㎡>99.99%@0.3um
Filter cleaning Jet pulse filter cleaning
Dimension inch/mm 22.4"x28"x51.2"/570X710X1300
Weight lbs/kg 105/48








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