AC800 Three Phase Auto Pulsing Hepa 13 Dust Extractor With Pre-Separator

Short Description:

AC800 is a very powerful three phase dust extractor, integrated with a high performance pre-separator which removes up to 95% of the fine dust before it come into the filter. It features the innovative auto clean technology, allows the users continuous operation without stop for manual cleaning constantly, improves productivity greatly. AC800 equipped with 2-stage filtration system, 2 cylindrical filters in the first stage rotate self cleaning , 4 HEPA certificated H13 filters in the second stage promise the operators safe and clean air. The continuous folding bag system ensures simple, dust-free bag changes.  It comes with a 76mm*10m grinder hose and complete floor tool kit including 50mm*7.5m hose, D50 wand, and floor tool. This unit is ideal for use with mid-size and large grinding equipment, scarifiers, shot blasters, and floor grinders.

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Main features:

✔ The heavy duty turbine motor provides 24h continuously working.

✔ Integrated pre-separator .

✔ The patent and innovated auto clean system is very reliable and low service cost.

✔ Designed for large size grinder, polishing machine and shot blaster.

Models and specifications:


Model   AC800 AC800 AC800 AC800 Plus
Voltage   230V 60Hz 480V 60Hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Power (kw) Kw 6.3 6.3 7.5 7.5
HP 8.4 8.4 10 10
Current Amp 22 12.9 16.7 16.7
Water lift mBar 320 300 320 270
Inch 128 120 128 108
Airflow (max) cfm 364 364 312 412
m³/h 620 620 530 700
HEPA 13  Filter   4.0m²>99.95%@0.3um
Filter cleaning   Innovated auto clean system
Dust Collection   Continuous drop-down bag
Dimension inch 23.6X40.5X55.9
mm 600*1030*1420
Weight lbs 496
kg 225
Bersi patent and innovated auto clean technology

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