Cyclone seperator

  • X Series Cyclone Separator

    X Series Cyclone Separator

    Can work with different vacuum cleaners filtering more than 95% dust.Make fewer dust to enter in vacuum cleaner, lengthen the vacuums working time, to protect the filters in vacuum and extend the life time.These innovative devices not only boost cleaning performance but also extend the lifespan of your vacuum’s filters. Say goodbye to frequent filter replacements and hello to a cleaner, healthier home environment.

  • New Separator enable the operator to change bags while the vacuum is working

    New Separator enable the operator to change bags while the vacuum is working

    A vacuum cleaner pre separator is a component in some vacuum cleaning systems that separates larger debris and particulate matter from the air stream before it reaches the main collection container or filter. The pre separator acts as a pre-filter, trapping dirt, dust, and other larger particles before they can clog the vacuum’s main filter. This helps to prolong the life of the main filter and ensure that the vacuum continues to operate effectively. By using the most other regular separator , the operator have to turn off the vacuum to let the dust drop down into the bag of the separator when changing bags. While the T05 dust separator build a smart design of the pressure relief valve, which enables any dust extractor to continuously operate with limited downtime, improve the working efficiency. T05 can be lowered to 115cm when in transportation.

  • T0 Pre Separator With Plastic Drop Down Bag

    T0 Pre Separator With Plastic Drop Down Bag

    When large amount of dust produced during the grinding,?it is advisable to use a pre-separator.The special cyclone system captures 90% of the material?before vacuuming, greatly improve the filter efficiency?and protect your dust extractor from clogging easily. This cyclone separator has 60L volume and equipped with the continous drop down folding bag system?for effective dust collecting and safe & easy disposal of concrete dust .T0 can be used in conjunction with all common industrial?vacuums and dust extractors.It has the height adjustment version as an option for convinient tranportiton by van. T0 provides 3 outlet dimensions?50mm,63mm and 76mm to connect different vacuum hose.