Mini floor scrubber

Short Description:

1. Easy to use,simple to maintain and productivity of 1200m2 per hour.

2. Handiness is its strong point; it requiresittle space to park and is easy to carry.

3. Control panel is easy to understand with ergonomic design.

4. Compact arrangement of tanks save both water and detergent.

Cleaning width mm 430mm
Squeegee width mm 450mm
Solution tank L 4L
Recovery tank L 6.5L
Battery V/Ah 36V/8Ah
Efficiency m2/h 1200m2/h
Working time min around 80min
Charge time h 2~3h
Brush pressure kg 8kg
Suction motor W 200W(brushless)
Brush motor W 150W(brushless)
Noise level dBa <60dBa
Packing size mm 450*360*1200mm
Weight kg 17kg



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