3010T/3020T 3 Motors Auto Pulsing Dust Extractor

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3010T/3020T is equipped with 3 bypass and individually controlled Ametek motors.It is a single phase industrial vacuum cleaner designed for dry dust collecting,equipped with continous drop down folding bag for safe and clean dust disposal. It has 3 large commerical motors to provide enough power for any environment or application where there are large quantities of dust to be collected. This model featured as Bersi patent auto pulsing technology,different with many manul clean vacuums in the market.There are 2 large filters inside the barrel rotate self cleaning. When one filter is cleaning,the other keeps vacuuming, which makes the vacuum keeps the high airflow all the time,which enable the operators to focus on the grinding job. The HEPA filtration helps contain harmful dusts,create a safe and clean working site.Industrial shop vacuums provide greater suction than general purpose or commercial-cleaning shop vacuums to pick up heavier particles.It comes along with a 7.5M D50 hose, S wand and floor tools.Thanks to the smart trolly design, the operator can push the vacuum easily at different direcion. 3020T/3010T has plenty power to be connected to any mid or larger size grinders , scarifiers, shot blasters.This Hepa dust vacuum cleaner can also be retrofitted with a tool caddy to organize valuable accessories in order.

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Main features:


✔ Three powerful Ametek motors, can work with grinder working width below 750mm perfectly.

✔ The independently controlled switches avoid burning out the switch when start the vacuum.

✔ Bersi patent Auto Pulsing technology, no manual cleaning, save the labour time greatly.

✔ Build in 2 large filters inside take turns to pulsing clean,keep the vacuum powerful always.

models and specifications:

Model 3020T 3010T
Voltage 240V  50/60HZ 120V 50/60HZ
Power KW 3.6 2.4
HP 5.4 3.4
Current Amp 14.4 18
Water lift mBar 240 200
inch” 100 82
Aifflow(max) cfm 354 285
m³/h 600 485
Filter 3.0㎡>99.9%@0.3um
Filter cleaning Auto pulsing cleaning
Dimension inch/(mm) 21.5″X28″X55″/550X710X1400
Weight lbs/(kg) 132lbs/60kg

How does Bersi Auto pulsing vacuum work:


Bersi patent and innovated auto clean technology


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