AC750 Three Phase Auto Pulsing Hepa Dust Extractor

Short Description:

AC750 is a powerful three phase dust extractor, with the UL certified turbine motor provide high water lift. It equipped with Bersi patent Auto Pulsing technology,simple and reliable, remove the air compressor unstable concern and save the manual cleaning time,real 24 hours non stop working.AC750 build in 3 large filters inside rotate self cleaning, keep the vacuum powerful always.

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Main features:

✔ Bersi patent Auto Pulsing technology, no manual cleaning, reliable and effective, save the labour time greatly.

✔ Equipped with high vacuum turbine motor, support 24 hours continuously working.

✔ Endless drop down bag system, ensure  safe handling and disposal of dust.

Models and specifications:

Model AC750 AC750 AC750
Voltage 380V  50HZ 230V 60HZ 480V 60HZ
Power KW 7.5 8.6 8.6
HP 10 11.5 11.5
Current Amp 16.7 32 17.3
Vacuum mBar 320 340 350
inch” 128 136 140
Aifflow(max) cfm 312 364 364
m³/h 530 620 620
Dimension inch/(mm) 24.8″X41.7″X57″/630X1060X1450
Weight lbs/(kg) 374lbs/170kg

How does Bersi Auto pulsing vacuum work:

Bersi patent and innovated auto clean technology


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