AC31/AC32 3 Motors Auto Pulsing Hepa 13 Concrete Dust Collector

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AC32/AC31 is a triple motors Auto Pulsing HEPA dust extractor.It is the most powerful single phase industrial vacuum cleaner in the market.The 3 powerful Ametek motors provides 353 CFM and 100″ of water lift.The operator can control the 3 motors independently according to the different power needs. Featured with Bersi innovative AutoClean technology,which solve the pain of frequently stop to pulse or manually clean the filters ,allows the operator 100% uninterrupted working.In some coating removing job, the dust is wet or sticky, the jet pulse clean vacuum filter will clog very soon,but the vacuum cleaner with this patent auto pulsing system can clean the filters effectivly and automatically, keep high airflow all the time.Concrete dust is extremely fine and harmful to health, this vacuum build with high standard dural stage HEPA filtration system.The first stage equipped with 2 big cylindrical filters with 3.0㎡ filter area in total.The second stage has 3pcs H13 HEPA filter tested and certified with EN1822-1 and IEST RP CC001.6. The “drop-down” dust collection in a plastic bag ensure a safe and clean dust disposal. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for use with floor grinders, concrete scarifiers, concrete cutting saws etc.Use this machine for cleanup in between concrete grinding passes or as a general construction vacuum. It will effectively pick up a wide range of building materials and debris.Thanks to the the solid non-marking puncture free wheels, lockable front casters, AC31/AC32 is easy to move in the tough jobsite.This vacuum cleaner machine is also unmatched in its portability. Its surprisingly dolly design makes loading and unloading a breeze.



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✔ Formally Class H certified by SGS  with EN 60335-2-69:2016 safety standard,secure for building materials that may contains potential high risk.

✔ Incorporates cyclonic separation and  a innovative auto pulsing cleaning system,without airflow losing while self cleaning,keep strong suction and greatly improve work efficiency. 

✔ Three powerful Ametek motors, is  best suited to work with grinder working width below 750mm.

✔ The independently controlled switches allow operator can choose 1, 2 or 3 switches on as wanted.

✔OSHA compliant 2- stage filtration system to ensure a safe and clean air. In the primary stage, the two cylindrical filters rotate to pulsing clean. In the second stage, 3PCS H13 HEPA filters with 99.99% @0.3μm efficiency.

✔ Continuous bag disposal system ensure a easy and dust-free bag changes.



Model   AC32 AC31
Voltage   1 phase 1 phase
  240V 50/60Hz 120V 50/60Hz
Power Kw 3.6 2.4
HP 5.4 3.4
Current Amp 14.4 18
Water lift
mBar 240 200
inch" 100 82
CFM 354 285
M3/h 600 485
Dimension inch 22*32.3*56
mm 560*820*1400
Weight lbs/kg 154/70

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