Bersi Autoclean Vacuum Clearner: Is it worth to have?

The best vacuum must always give consumers options with air input, air flow, suction, tool kits, and filtration. Filtration is a vital component based on the type of materials being cleaned up, the longevity of the filter, and the maintenance necessary to keep said filter clean. Whether working in a foundry, a construction site, or cleaning room, utilizing a self-cleaning filter can be a vital time saving option.

In recent years, end-users have increasingly demanded about the vacuum cleaners with automatic filter cleaning. Bersi has been aware of this market demand and started the development of it’s own auto clean technology in 2019. After 2 years of market testing and continuous improvement, Bersi’s innovative and patented auto pulsing system has finally matured and has been highly recognized by customers.

In the market, the traditional jet pulse filter cleaning vacuum cleaner is still the mainstream. But is it worth upgrading an automatic cleaning industrial vacuum cleaner? Please see the following analysis.

1. In some working areas with large amount of dust, especially in the concrete construction industry, the vacuum cleaner is easy to clog, and it has always been an headache of the industry. The operator must clean the filter every 10-15 minutes, otherwise the suction power of the machine will be greatly reduced due to clogging. This process is very labor-intensive. But the automatic clean vacuum, No more clogged filters – the AUTOCLEAN (AC) automatic main filter cleaning keeps the filter clean and provides a continuously high suction power.

2.For some power tools such as the dry core drilling machine and cutting machine , which requires continuous work without dust. It is very necessary to have a vacuum cleaner with self clean system.

Bersi now has the full product line of the automatic clean dust extractors, we have 1 motor,2 motors,3 motors and 3 phase. This patent system cuts out much of the time required for regular maintenance, resulting in greater longevity of your filters.

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Post time: Aug-30-2022