Bersi innovated&patent auto clean system

Concrete dust is extremely fine and hazardous if inhaled which makes a professional  dust extractor is a standard equipment in the construction site. But easy clogging is the industry’s biggest headache, most industrial vacuum cleaner in the market need operators to make manual clean every 10-15 mins.

When Bersi first attend the WOC  show in 2017, some customers asked  if we can build a real automatic clean vacuum with reliable technology. We record this and  keep it in our mind. Innovation is always not easy. It took us about 2 years from the idea, first design to the prototype testing , collect the customer’s feedback, and improving. Most dealers have tried out these machine from the several units at the first to buy containers and containers.

This innovative auto cleaning system allows the operator to continue working without having to constantly stop to pulse or manually clean the filters. The patent system has been designed to ensure no suction losing during the self clean which maximises work efficiency. Cleaning happens regularly at time, when one filter is cleaning ,the other is keep working, to ensure the filters are working to their optimal performance without significant loss of airflow due to clogging. This innovation technology without air compressor or printed circuit board, very reliable and low maintenance cost.



Post time: Nov-17-2021