Why the suction of the industrial vacuum is becoming small?

Customer will feel the industrial vacuum suction is becoming smaller after running a period of time.What’s the reason?
1)The dustbin or the bag is full, can’t storage more dust.
2) The hose is folded or distorted,the air can’t get though smoothly.
3) There are something block the inlet.
4) The filter isn’t be cleaned for a long time,it is blocked.

That’s why you need to buy the professional industrial vacuum which have the filter cleaning system especially in the large fine dust industry.The filter cleaning system can remove the dust from the filter effectivly, rebuild the suction of your vacuum. There are three filter cleaning in the market: manual shaker/ motor driven filter cleaning/ jet pulse filter cleaning.

In the daily working, please check if the filter is complete before using and clean the filter thoroughly after using. Please replace the filter regularly to avoild the dust come into the motor.


Post time: Aug-21-2019
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