Something you may interested to know about the vacuum cleaner accessories

The industrial vacuum cleaner/dust extractor is a very low maintenance cost machine in the surface preparation equipment.Most people may know the filter is a consumable parts, which is suggested to be changed every 6 months. But do you know? Except the filter, there are more other accessories you may need to buy for every individual cleaning need. They can be connected to the hose to make cleaning easy, convenient and enjoyable.

Each Bersi industrial vacuum cleaner will come along a standard accessories kit, which can meet most customer’s general demands.But there are some that can be bought and attached separately, adding to the usefulness of your cleaning device.

1. Anti-static replacement hose assembly

For floor grinding industry,the anti-static double layer EVA hose or the PU hose with PC spiral is highly recommended,because it can prevent accidental shocks in case there is a huge build-up of static electricity once the vacuum cleaner has been used for quite a long while. The double layer hose is much durable than the common hose too. Bersi offers hose with diamater of 1.5”(38mm),2”(50mm),2.5”(63mm) and 2.75”(70mm)



2. Hose cuff

The hose cuff is made of heavy duty plastic, it is a conversion unit makes it easy to use other accessories by converting a hose for use with accessories to make cleaning convenient.We have hose cuff with diameter of 1.5”(38mm),2”(50mm), you can connect the hose and 1.5”(38mm),2”(50mm) floor tools by them.

hose cuff

3.Floor tools

A floor brush can be used to handle all kinds of floor cleaning, but there are two types of these brushes.One is with brush stripe meant for tough floor and dry floors, the other is squeegee with rubber stripe, specifically designed for tiled and wet floors.

This appliance is equipped with wheels for easy motion along the floor.

floor tools

4. Adaptor

The adaptor called reducer too, which is for connecting the vacuum inlet and hose. Because BERSI dust extractor inlet is 2.75”(70mm), we provide adaptor of 2.75’’/2’’(D70/50), 2.75’’/2.5’’(D70/63),2.75’’/2.95’’(D70/76). We also have Y-shaped adapter which enables one to split any hose connection into two parts. This increases productivity because you can use more than one hose alongside other attachments to diversify the cleaning job. You can also clean with both hands, provided that the vacuum cleaner has enough power to handle both hose ends.



Post time: May-14-2019
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