How to maintain your industrial vacuum cleaner in the daily life?

1)When make the industrial vacuum cleaner to absorb liquid substances, please remove the filter and pay attention to the liquid was emptied after using.

2)Do not overextend and bend industrial vacuum cleaner hose or fold it frequently, which will affect the life time of the vacuum cleaner hose.

3)Check the power plug and cable of the dust extractor equipment for any damage. Leakage of electricity will burn out the motor of industrial vacuum cleaner.

4) When move your vacuums,please pay attention not to be hit, to prevent industrial vacuum tank from damage and leakage, that will reduce the suction of vacuums.

5) If the main engine of the dust extractor is hot and there is a smell of coke, or the industrial vacuum cleaner shake and sound abnormally, the machine should be immediately sent for repair, do not overload the use of vacuum cleaner.

6) The working site temperature of the industrial vacuum cleaner should not exceed 40, and the workplace should exceed 1000m above sea level. It should have a good ventilation environment, should not be used in a dry room with flammable or corrosive gases.

7) The Dry only dust collector is not allowed to absorb water, wet hands can not operate the machine.If there are large stone , plastic sheets or materials larger than the diameter of hose, please remove them in advance, otherwise they will easily block the hose.

8) Ground wire well the vacuums to ensure the safety of electricity consumption. Generally speaking, it’s better don’t make the single phase industrial vacuum cleaner work exceed 8 hours continuously every time, to prevent electric motor overheat and burn down

9)When you don’t use the vacuums, stock it in a ventilated and dry place.

10) There are kinds of industrial vacuum cleaner in the market, with different specifications, structures and functions. Please read the user manual carefully before use to avoid the damage to vacuum cleaner and users caused by the improper use.

Post time: Aug-29-2019
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